Timeless ideas from the land where the Sindu Flowed

...As applied in the present context

Help spread awareness
Where ever possible do you use your voice to help take this debate forward. Write about it. Organize discussions. Mail friends. Tweet about it.

Inform stake holdes of village development about the sister site Panchayati Swaraj
The said website contains the material and triggers to facilitate team building and responsibility generation in villages. This will in turn facilitate the village to move towards the promise of self-reliance and control over destiny.

Patronize the literature
Ensure that students, youth and teachers get access to the literature at least through libraries. It is not just about nation building it is also about character building. It is about the discovery of ancient India. It can facilitate high thinking.

Patronize the author
Kindly write to author if you wish to provide resources to make the website and literature available in vernacular languages. Use the feedback channel

Those who can help financially are most welcome. It will free the author to work on this task dedicatedly and to expand the scope of the services this website can offer.

Advertisers who see synergy are also welcome. Please do write back to the author through the feedback page expressing your interest.

Help with spreading information to international organizations
Much of the content available in this and sister websites is relevant to many international organizations including Universities having Indology study departments, International organizations working for grassroots empowerment, organizations working for world peace, branches of the UN dealing with culture, justice and peace, and relevant religious organizations. Do put a word across to those who can benefit from it.

Consolidation through Research
Author welcomes research partnerships with institutions/individuals.
**All who can add academic strength by critically and exhaustively analyzing the ideas are welcome.
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