Timeless ideas from the land where the Sindu Flowed

...As applied in the present context

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
What is this website about?
This website is a vision for India. It considers the various elements that must go into it to re-assert its claim to be a 'Golden Bird'. ... The two primary elements for this being a proper understasnding of the sub-continent's all inclusive culture and real and and effective grassroots empowerment.

How can I use this website?
The key is the opening/home page. Read through the vision and follow the arguments. The references tell you where the said issues are discussed in detail. The references are books which contain the ... arguments. A look at the 'Contents' provided in each reference page will throw further light on the arguments. sample chapters are provided in each that will help the surfer get a flavor of the books. Reading the index page should provide the visitor an overall sketch of what can be done to make India great again. The ideas taken up here are not necessarily original, meaning that one can come across many of these arguments in common literature. It is the combination that matters and therefore going carefully through the contents of the home page should suffice for getting a bird's eye view of the proposed way forward.

For detailed arguments though it is requested that the books and reports be accessed through the links provided.

Do please also use the links available (will be made available) to provide feedback or take up discussion.

Is it all theory or is there any practical use?
It is a discussion of ideals and ideas. But that does not mean reading it is a bad use of time. Ideals set benchmarks and it is a question of following a better set of benchmarks. The question is whether the benchmarks are truly better/higher. A change in perspective can actually work wonders and knowing the mind of our ancient sages gives us more ways to think.

Where can I access the comprehensive solution for the villages of India?
Check out the website Panchayati Swaraj by the same author. It gives practical ways forward for the leader and statesman to work upon irrespective of what level he is operating. While the local grassroots will learn how to dirty his hands meaningfully, the leader at the higher level will know how to facilitate effectively.

Does this website also tackle caste and communal issues?
Yes it does. It explores the genesis of the idea, the soruce of its power and the faulty implementation that results in the problems. ... Be it the high caste or the low caste, be it the religious or the irregelious, be it the universalist or the loyal tribal, all stand to benefit from the insights. This is one issue that needs addressing squarely if the nation has to take its place as the "Vishwa Guru" (Guru to the world). Part1 of the book Rising to Second Freedom (ref4 in the literature section), entirely deals with this

Who all can benefit from this website?
This vision is about we Indians. As such it is about how Team India can move forward. But there are many others from across the world who can benefit. ... The significance of Indian thought and how that thought was applied in setting up society gives the Indian thinker workable insight into his traditions. Faults can be addressed as also the good can be amplified.

The correct assessment of ancient awareness of the meta-physical nature of man has the potential to benefit nations across the world. As such, all right thinking individuals, who seek to do well for nations, principalities, teams, societies, communities and the like under their charge can gain a lot from understanding the way the ancient masters thought.

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