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A media house has it tough, in a capitalist system it needs to be alive and for that it needs to make money by gathering audiences; at the same time its personnel need to answer their conscience in respect of their responisbilites to thier viewers and readers. It is a fine balance... and it becomes a touch and go matter when issues like sex-education or protection against AIDS become topics of discussion...

Dear Messers NDTV, (kind attention Mr. Prannoy roy)
The issue that you debated on TV in the big fight was actually disturbing. And the worst part is that you have left the issue hanging in an uncomfortable position.

The Indian society is still composite. There are communities that train their children to different approaches to life…

And everybody has a life… A prostitute has a life, call girls have theirs, bar dancers, nuns and priests, homemakers… even those who jump several partners through life have theirs… The question invariably is where we wish to pitch out wards.

The way the issue was debated, it was heavily loaded towards “Breaking Free” “experiment” “advanced” (as against ‘primitive’) “ Modern” (as against Victorian) “Open” … one should realize that all these have nothing to do with the mechanics of sex… these are approaches to life…

The real problem is that on one hand there is the “physiology” that a medical student studies but in the process of hoping to teach children about it, the “forwarded minded” exponents of the debate who were “scoffing” at the conservatives were loading it on a platform that was trying to convey that “experimenting” is normal and sex is “enjoyable”. The old gentleman was shouting hoarse at exactly this.

Resolve these two things as separate… medical science on one side and mind since on the other. Teach hygiene, teach physiology, even make them doctors of the human body but spare their minds… what approach the children should have to intercourse and to relationships are better dealt with in families, communities and religions…

I am not going into the debate whether the conservative value system or the liberal one is better… but I would also insist that it is improper to give either one the platform to pass judgments on the other in a public forum such as education of children.

Your compeer and almost all the rest were mocking at the tsunami that the elderly gentleman was talking about, the truth is that he is right, there is a huge battle being waged in the mind of the youth and the English media is taking the lead in a particular direction which could pitch the children away to a life that can give the benefits of a conservative society. Your debate was another blow in that same direction and that is what is disturbing. 

Explaining how a penis and a vagina behaves independently and together is one thing but loading it on a culture that pitches our children towards a life culture of multiple partners is another.

Any one who works with a premise of “advanced” western society should NOT be allowed to talk Sex to children… unless those children are their own… Such people should never be made teachers in the first place. Don’t, for heaven’s sake, hand over the initiative to such persons in society who are falling head over heals to sound politically correct, in a society that is assuming ‘liberal’ as the ‘in’ thing in fashion.