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We are called Hindus today just because the Persians could not pronounce Sindu preciesly. Hindus are therefore those who live in the land where the river sindu flows. and Hinduism is the sum total of the spiritual tradition of this land; that is why 'SINDULAND'. And the thought is truly genius.

Today there great flux in the intellectual sphere in India. While there is surely a cacophony of barking wild dogs (which we can ignore), there is also no sufficient clarity amongst those who seek to truthfully reason out. There are pulls in all kinds of directions because of a multitude of ideologies, systems, religions, methods, parties, loyalties, classes, castes, ethnicities... Much of this confusion can also be attributed to the shrinking of the world and the coming of the global village. Is there a way out of this in a way that the nation can clear its mind and team up? Did our ancient sages have ideas that could cut through the maze and bring forth harmony? And if they did have answers, how would these answers translate on ground to make sense in the present time and age?

The website seeks to present the answers to these questions... The author presents his findings just as a scientist would seek to present his work to a general audience. Having probed these questions for years, and having found the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fall into place, the author seeks to present the solutions to those that can make a difference.

The two basic ideas that come through as relevant in making that difference are:
1) the true nature of Ancient Indian learning and wisdom and
2) the true nature of decentralization of political power, the way it was traditionally practiced in the Indian Sub-continent.

About the website

This website has been created by the author with the help and patronage of wellwishers. The hope is that as more and more people get to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it should snowball into a joint effort that will make a difference to the world we live in.

About the Author

The Author Nixon Fernando, (born 1969) has done a Post graduation in Physics (NET qualified), an Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management and a Masters' Program in Government.

He is an ardent student of the Bhagwad Gita and the New Testament and has the guidance of his Spiritual Guru, Sirshree Tejparkhi of the 'Happy Thoughts' fame.

He has primarily been in the education field including a decade at the prestigous National Defence Academy, a year as program head at the MIT school of Government, Pune, and six years as lecturer at the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

He has been a research associate with Mr. TN Seshan, the former Chief Election Commisisoner of India, for over ten years. He has assisted Mr. Seshan with his writing work including his autobiography. He even stayed with the legend at his home in the last year and half of his life.

His ground awarness regarding the challenges facing the villages of the nation from among other things, having been associated for a while with the National Alliance of People's Movement, having cousins and friends staying in villages and through the one year rigorous study of government in the Masters Programme. He is author of four published books and two await publication. One of the books, Yogyathwa, he has co-authored with Prof Bala V Balachander and Mr. TN Seshan, both legends in their respective fields.

He is also part of the 'Victory India campaign' five book series which aims at reforming leadership in the armed forces; especially in the selection and training phases.

Refer to the website Panchayati Swaraj to see how his study translates to actionable points for the villages of India.

Also refer to the author's website Nixon Fernando for more details about the author.
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