In the land where the Sindu flows
  A contemporary indigenous vision for national rejuvenation  

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Primarily it helps raise the level of consciousness of public debate. It will give young and old alike a lot of ideas to explore in proper context.

It is a supplement to education.

It picks up ideas from a wide spectrum of sources and weaves them up together in a manner that the ideas gain coherence—enough for constructive action.

It can help lift the process of public exchange above the shouting cacophony it has turned out to be; hopefully empty vessels can at least be silenced in readers’ minds…

One gets an insight into what is the core of the debate between a materialistic and a non materialistic perspective…

There is insight about the true meaning of Hinduism and how it could be relevant to today’s world… Can it truly herald peace in the World?

It will help the reader with confronting dilemmas of living in modern day life and help him with insights that can help him take informed decisions…

People working on the field will know how the levers turn and will know where to work in order to achieve desired results efficiently…

This vision acts as a seed for collective action… it could help level-headed thinking and re-direct vision building to meet today’s requirements…

It confronts political India with truths about the manner in which national development is pursued… is India's way forward honest and really in the best interests of one and all as the usual claim goes…?

The caste and Communal problems are seen in a new light… Can this vision seed the next move towards the true liberation of the Lower Castes…?

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