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Understanding what is wrong in Vidarbha and looking for genuine solutions

Rupa and Co;
ISBN 978-81-291-1469-3;
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What the book is about:
Rural communities are under great strain all over India and it is very visible in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. This visibility is because of the unusually high incidence of suicides amongst farmers in Vidarbha. While simplistic views and solutions attribute this to inability of farmers to pay back their loans on account of low incomes and other reasons, it turns out to be a deeper phenomenon that requires analysis from various viewpoints and taking into consideration a great many variables.

When a group of 8 members including an irrigation professional, a Barrister, lecturer and five other post graduates ranging from 21 to 46 years of age, visited the region as part of an academic study, interviewing close to 150 members from a wide spectrum of fields, a great amount of information was generated. Based on these findings and based on information from secondary sources, inclusive of articles and previous studies by expert groups, a report was generated.

The report was presented in a format which can also be understood by the common man who is interested in solving the problem. The attempt has been deliberate in order that it may help leaders at all levels. Apparently this approach was most suited to participants in the Masters’ Programme of Government; a finishing school for leadership aspirants.

Rupa and Co were kind enough to publish the same on a commercial basis.
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