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The views expressed in this website are solely of the author and he stands by it. No other individual or organization including those offering technical assistance for the website may be held responsible for it.

These views are, to be best information of the author, a sincere investigation into truth and are projected in the best interests of the welfare of India and humanity. The author will defend them as the truth, as he sees it, in any forum.

The author continues to be open to exchange of views, and further investigation and welcomes all feedback that helps greater understanding of the issues involved...

Incidentally there are two kinds of feedback: the first kind is "judgmental", where people sit on perches and announce that so-and-so thing is bad... or good! ... and then there is the other that is "inquisitive", where the seeker reasons out, elaborates, seeks clarification, counter reasons, fills in, enriches... both sets are welcome but the reader must be aware that the latter type of feedback helps in taking the thinking to greater heights...